John Hall Portraits: Blog en-us (C) John Hall Portraits [email protected] (John Hall Portraits) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:15:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:15:00 GMT John Hall Portraits: Blog 120 120 Two Secrets to Posting Great Photos Two easy ways to capture and post great photos are pretty simple and obvious, although 99% of people don't do it:

  • take a LOT of photos 
  • then show ONLY the best

 On a recent beauty shoot I took 1633 images in two hours, with almost all in focus, proper exposure, etc. I culled that down to 157 good ones and then edited the group down to 23 super shots. The clients will probably use the best 8-10 from this final group. This is roughly the 100/10/1 ratio most pro photographers end up with, where to get that one super shot you need to take 100+ images. Then have the guts to edit this down to just the best.

So if your just taking photos for fun with the family, these rules still hold: take a LOT of shots, then show ONLY the best. Instead of just taking one fun shot of the kids, take a minute and shoot 10 images, maybe from a few different angles.  Note this is not a suggestion to just use your burst mode and snap off 5 shots in a second, but to take an extra minute to recompose, refocus and shoot. You will be amazed what you can capture in just one minute.

Then just pick that best shot to print or share on FaceBook. My suggestion is to post only one, as it magnifies the impact.

Easy, it just takes a few extra minutes and your photos will really stand out!





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